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Reliability and Speed
Relying on Internet access for a formal presentation can be risky. Down websites and unreliable links are factors beyond your control that can spell disaster. We can usually put your entire website on a CD-ROM that you can access on your local computer as you would on the web. In addition to being more reliable, access from a CD-ROM is mush faster than from the web; even with a high-speed connection.

Websites that do not utilize cgi or other server-side technologies can normally be placed on a CD-ROM and perform exactly as on the web. Websites that do utilize these technologies require customization in order for the server-side technologies to perform locally as they do when connected via the Internet to the normal web server.

In addition to being a more reliable mechanism for presentation delivery, a CD-ROM serves as a back-up of your entire website. This is especially important if your website files are not being stored on our server or if you are doing your own updates.

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