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Website Design covers many facets.
These include
  • Navigational Orgainization
  • Use of Graphics and Photographs
  • Color Scheme, Background, etc.
  • Database Organization
  • Payment Options
  • Keyword Selection
  • Our primary goal is to give your website the look and feel you want at a reasonable price. You know your business and your customers best and what appeals to them. Of course we will offer our best advice on features, style and usability based on many years of experience but the final decisions are always yours.

    Your website is an important window into your business or organization so the quality of your website is of highest importance to us. Visitors to your site will never be left waiting. A poorly designed site with uneccesarily large images and other unnecessary additions is a primary reason why people click away from many sites, never to return. Website design also directly affects your website's visibility to search engines and, thus, its visibility to your customers. We will include the proper meta tags and content that will help make your site appear near the top of search engine lists. Total cost of ownership is an imoprtant concept for websites as it is with many other products. Good organization and simplicity are keys to a website that is easy to maintain and that can expand to meet your expanding needs.

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