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For more information or to place an order email connyroussos@roussosweb.com

Domain Name Registration
The domain name is the basis for website addresses. For example, the addresses www.roussosweb.com and mail.roussosweb.com both belong to the roussosweb.com domain. In order to own a domain name one must register the name (if it is not already taken) and pay a yearly fee.

It is possible to have a website without having a domain name by "piggy-backing" onto another website. This often occurs when an ISP offers disk space for a minimal website for its customers. We can also offer this service. For example, if you have a business called, say, AdamsPeach, we can "piggy-back" your site onto another cooperating website, say, NelsonCountyVA.org, so that the web address that you would be known by on the web would be www.NelsonCountyVA.org/AdamsPeach.
It is also possible to register (and, thus, reserve a domain name without having a website. This is called parking the domain name.

In order to utilize your domain name; i.e., to have your website accessible on the web via your domain name, the domain name must be properly listed and configured on a DNS server. Normally, your domain name must be registered with the same business that is hosting your website pages.
We can handle all aspects of domain name registration, DNS configuration and website hosting for you.

Website Hosting
The web pages that make up a website must reside on a computer (server) that is connected to the internet. The server is said to "host" the website. The cost of "renting" space on such a server varies greatly and is usually charged monthly.
We will host your website for a reasonable fee (see more on Pricing).
See more about Website Hosting.

Email correspondence is usually a critical component of any website. If you choose to register a domain name and host your website with us you will receive up to 5 email accounts free of charge. These accounts will be "branded" with your domain name.
For example, these might be used for accounts such as
sysadmin@AdamsPeach.com plus, perhaps, personal accounts for you and your business partner.
Additional email accounts may be purchased for a small monthly fee.

Search Engine Registration
Individuals searching for information and services on the World Wide Web often find websites through search engines. Consequently, you probably want your website easily found through the most popular search engines. The most effective way to make your website visible to the search engines is simply to properly design the meta tags and content. Direct registration with search engines may also help. Some sites may also benefit from specialized registration services. We will disgn your site in such a manner that search engine visibiilty will come automatically. Additionally, we will register your site with the major search engines for a small fee if you desire. Alternatively we will show you how to register with the search engines. Unfortunately, it may take several weeks before a properly designed and registered website becomes accessible through a search engine.

Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance is, of course, an important component of Website Management.
See our webpage on this topic.

Already Own a Website?
If you already have a website we can maintain and manage all of the functions listed above for that site for you. We handle everything from updates and domain name registration renewal to search engine submission.

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