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Photographs, Ideal for Web Publishing
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Photography Goals
  • Your Photos or Ours
  • Fast-Loading
  • High Quality
  • Thumbnails and Mid-Size
  • ** Take a photographic tour of Nelson County **

       High-quality, fast-loading photographs and graphics are an important component of many websites. We offer several options for your convenience.

    If you already have digital images you wish to include on your website we can retouch, resize and make other digital adjustments, if necessary, before we place them on your website.

    If you have only photographs we will scan them on our high-resolution scanner and crop, retouch, etc. as required.

    If you prefer we can take photographs for you, ensuring the highest quality possible for images that must load quickly on a website. We can even make full-size, highest quality original images available for download to your website visitors.

       We are able to create photographs of almost any size from thumbnails to moderate size images to the high quailty images mentioned above. Thumbnail photographs can play a useful role on many websites. Click on the spider at the top of the page to see a mid-sized photo. (Warning - if you have a strong fear of spiders you may not want to see this realistic close-up).

       If you are able to design your own graphics we can work with many different formats, converting them as necessary to web-compatible formats. If you prefer we can design simple to moderately complex graphics for you. However, we will contract out to professional graphic designers graphics with requirements that we feel are beyond our capabilities.

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